Tom Fox shifts gears discussing research that supports how HBOT can help heal brain trauma. 

In this Research Rundown he moves the discussion away from Cerebral Palsy and focuses on post-concussion syndrome in children.  


  • This clinical trial out of Israel finds that by using hyperbaric oxygen therapy in children who suffer from PCS (post‑concussion syndrome) it can improve cognitive and behavioral function.
  • The trial was conducted at Tel Aviv, by an incredible group of physicians who are focused on improving the science 
    and the scientific information in hyperbarics. 
  • Persistent post-concussive syndrome is a common, significant morbidity among children, following traumatic brain injury.
    • The quality of life of the pediatric patient is affected greatly at the chronic stage.  This study suggests that HBOT can help the patient heal their brain, even years later.
  • Tom calls this study a real winner, and especially for those children who have suffered concussions.

Read: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in children with post‑concussion syndrome improves cognitive and behavioral function: a randomized controlled trial