Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial – Pseudoephedrine Prophylaxis for Prevention of Middle Ear Barotrauma in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) utilizes 100% oxygen delivery at a pressure greater than 1 atm for the treatment of various emergent medical conditions including carbon monoxide poisoning. The most commonly associated complication of HBOT is middle ear barotrauma (MEB) which occurs when the eustachian tube does not allow air to enter the middle ear space to equalize the pressure between the ambient environment and the inner ear. Patients experiencing MEB usually feel pressure or pain in their ear(s). The spectrum of symptoms ranges from sensation of ear fullness and muffled hearing to severe pain, vertigo and tympanic membrane rupture. HBOT has not been studied. The investigators plan to perform a randomized double blind placebo control trial to determine if pseudoephedrine is effective in decreasing the rate of MEB during HBOT.

Clinical Trial – Safety and Efficacy of Hyperbaric Oxygen for ARDS in Patients With COVID-19

COVID-19 may cause severe pneumonitis that require ventilatory support in some patients, the ICU mortality is as high as 62%. Hospitals do not have enough ICU beds to handle the demand and to date there is no effective cure. We explore a treatment administered in a randomized clinical trial that could prevent ICU admission and reduce mortality. The overall hypothesis to be evaluated is that HBO reduce mortality, increase hypoxia tolerance and prevent organ failure in patients with COVID19 pneumonitis by attenuating the inflammatory response.

Clinical Trial – Effect of Self-acupressure on Middle Ear Barotrauma Associated With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Middle ear barotrauma (MEB) is the most common complication during hyperbaric oxygen therapy
(HBOT). Though Valsalva and Toynbee maneuvers have been proposed to prevent MEB, still some
patients discontinue HBOT due to severe otalgia, hemorrhage or perforation of tympanic
membrane associated with HBOT. Currently, there is no optimal prophylactic management for MEB
associated with HBOT. The aim of this protocol is to investigate the efficacy of
self-acupressure therapy on MEB associated with HBOT.