HBOT News host, Edward di Girolamo asks you to take 2 minutes to listen to this Special Report.  His passion and energy for this topic can be immediately seen as he explains the best way to reduce and eliminate inflammation in the body.  di Girolamo has reaped all the known benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) & water fasting since he has done it for years and is currently in the middle of a 10-day water fast.  He urges everyone to know this information and reap the benefits of longevity by combining Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and extended water fasting.

Tucked away in Research-Triangle Park of Raleigh, NC is a HBOT clinic that is challenging the community to start their New Year out with a total body reset.  Extivita-RTP, combines the two most power anti-inflammatory therapies known — HBOT and water fasting — with fellowship, fun, and accountability to help the participants excel and succeed in their weight loss and health goals. They call it the Longevity Challenge and is running the 12-day challenge from January 8-20, 2023.

To support the benefits of water fasting, we’ve pulled all the best research.

Water fasting alone is a total body cleansing that can date back to the 5th century.  But, when you combine water fasting and HBOT, truly miraculous things happen in the human body. We invite you to participate with many of us here at HBOT News as we also compete in the Longevity Challenge, and start 2023 off with a natural and holistic way to achieve optimum health and wellness.



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