HBOT for inflammation relief
Inflammation is hitting the world harder than ever right now after many battled two straight years of pandemic-related anxiety.  The National Cancer Institute states that inflammation is a “protective reaction to injury, disease or irritation of the tissues,” and inflammation manifests in our bodies as redness, swelling, pain and/or a feeling of heat in affected areas.

Joanna Vargas Salon and My Zen Den are thrilled to now offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy to their clients.

“It’s all over LA right now, which is why I wanted to bring it to my NYC salon, it makes sense that we have something that’s addressing the whole body.” says My Zen Den founder Alexandria Gilleo. The 60-minute $150 treatment entails reclining, fully clothed, in the hands-free chamber, which is equipped with a Netflix-enabled iPad. So you can blast through an episode of “Bridgerton” while the chamber fills with oxygen, gradually boosting circulation, collagen production and elasticity in the body. Not bad for lying down on the job.

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