They say age is just a number. Well, Dr. Joseph Maroon is a perfect example of such.  At age 82, Dr. Maroon completed his 32nd year of triathlons.  He added in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) into his training regiment and was able to cut his time by 23 minutes!

Dr. Maroon said that he could feel a difference from the oxygen on his recovery after workouts. He did a test before and after doing the oxygen therapy where he ran on a treadmill to exhaustion, and was able to increase his endurance by about 10 percent. “I was able to increase my endurance by 9.5 to 10%, objectively measured,” said Dr. Maroon, 82, who did tests of cardiovascular functioning before and after the treatments. “I think it did help.”

Dr. Maroon’s HBOT regiment consisted of two-hour session 5x a week, for 12 weeks. He would breathe 100% oxygen for 20 minutes and then take breaks to breath normal air within the pressurized chamber.

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