In this Research Rundown we continue to focus on the importance of fasting to stimulate the body’s immune response to eliminate malignant tumors.  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is not mentioned in this study, but as seen in last week’s episode – Episode 14 – research does exist to show the importance of adding HBOT to a fasting regiment for optimal immune response to improve the chances of survival from cancer.

This Research Rundown is specific to a recent 2022 study titled, Short-Term Fasting Synergizes with Solid Cancer Therapy by Boosting Antitumor Immunity.


  • To boost someone’s antitumor immunity during cancer treatments, preclinical research points towards the positives of short-term fasting diets.
  • The act of short-term fasting (diets low in calories and protein for 3-5 days) has shown to enhance the efficacy of chemotherapy for those who are battling cancer.
    • These diets are usually done every couple of weeks for maximum tumor response.
  • Short-term fasting has been shown to alleviate toxicity, which could be especially helpful for those who are undergoing chemotherapy and are experiencing damage to their healthy cells.
    • HBOT News recommends trying a short-term fast with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for maximum detox benefits. HBOT is known to assist in alleviating toxicity from the body by regulating our enzyme systems & increasing circulation to any damaged tissues. When HBOT and fasting is combined miraculous things happen on a cellular level to repair damaged cells and create healthy cells that are required to complete the necessary steps to detox the brain and body.
  • The study states that larger phase 3 clinical trials are warranted in the future in order to truly evaluate the different types of cancer therapy that would benefit most from short-term fasting.

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