February is American Heart Health Month; the entire month is dedicated to improving a person’s cardiovascular health. In this Research Rundown, we will discuss a 2007 study specific to heart failure and use of hyperbaric oxygen as it relates to adjunctive therapy.


  • With this all natural and holistic approach of using oxygen and pressure, hyperbaric oxygen has been shown to help the heart heal so much faster. If we go back about ten years before this study (late 90s), you would find that the American Heart Association started to endorse & recognize Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) as a way to help people recover from a heart attack faster; actually in 1/3 of the time it would normally take to recover.
  • In this study, it states evidence is emerging that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy does help with heart failure.
  • Heart disease is the number killer. di Girolamo points out that the issue he has with this study and other studies like it is that we should be using HBOT as a preventative measure to improve heart function, and reduce the chances of a heart attack.
    • He personally knows individuals who have had low heart function, and have found tremendous benefit and reaped significant improvement in their heart function after only 20 treatments in a hyperbaric chamber.
  • There are some cardiovascular contraindications that could prevent someone from being able to go into a HBOT chamber for a dive session. If you have a heart condition and would like to know more about using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as an adjunct or primary therapy to improve heart function, please seek advice from a local HBOT facility.


Read “Can HBOT be used as an Adjunctive Heart Failure Therapy Through the Induction of Endogenous Heat Shock Proteins?”