In this Research Rundown, we will discuss an overview of what’s going on in the Hyperbaric Oxygen world.  It includes information on who has driven HBOT to where it is today, and looks at what HBOT is being used for and it’s potential future use.


  • We believe this is a good overview of what’s going on in the world of Hyperbarics, and it provides a nice history while covering a lot of ground.

    • However, what it doesn’t cover is some of the politics that go on in the background and some of the roadblocks that have been put in place to prevent hyperbaric oxygen from being utilized for many more indications.

  • We know that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a very powerful anti-inflammatory, and one topic this document covers is cancer.

    • The text states, “The use of hyperbaric oxygen as part of cancer therapy is not currently an approved indication, although some promising results have arisen recently.”

      • We challenge that statement because there has been promising results for decades linking HBOT to the healing of cancer. 
  • Be aware of the Cochrane reports, we believe there’s bias there.  They have been very slow to the race and they’ve proven to be a roadblock in getting HBOT in front of the people who could truly benefit. 

  • We conclude this segment by reminding viewers that you can reduce inflammation through the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, so please act on this quickly. Moving forward with HBOT will only offer benefit if you are suffering from any type of inflammatory disease.

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