In this Research Rundown, we discuss the definition of hyperbaric therapy in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, newly defined by Dr. Paul Harch.


  • This document aims to redefine and separate the mechanisms of pressure and oxygen, and a combination of potentially other gases.
    • There are different mechanisms that occur when a patient receives just pressure, different mechanisms when the patient just receives oxygen, and of course different mechanisms with the patient receives oxygen and pressure combined. This document also describes yet there is another mechanism — pressure combined with other gases.
  • It’s important to know that a patient could have other gases introduced into a therapy, like argon.
    • This document explains that since argon is in the atmospheric air we breathe, maybe an increase in argon might provide some therapeutic benefit when it is combined with a therapy that includes pressure.
  • This document provides a mean for the industry to hone in on not only the definitions, but also what is the best dose of pressure and oxygen to be at optimal therapeutic levels.
  • We trust this get document will help provide a deeper understanding for where we need to go as a hyperbaric medical industry.


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