Tom Fox’s time on HBOT News has come to an end as we feature his final Research Rundown. Be sure to check out all of Tom’s Research Rundowns to gain a comprehensive overview of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for cerebral palsy, and brain injuries.

In his final Research Rundown, Tom discusses the JRRD (Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development) Veterans Administration’s article, or magazine, for rehab. Tom references Volume 46 Number 6, 2009 Pages 667 — 672, titled Pathology of blast-related brain injury by
Jeffery D. Kocsis, PhD (out of Yale School of Medicine) and Alan Tessler, MD.

Tom starts by explaining that one of the things Hyperbarics is used for is the treatment of extraordinary pressure changes on the human body.

  • Hyperbaric oxygen Therapy in the definitive case is used for air embolism and decompression sickness, and has been shown historically to work very effectively for that.
    • In the pathology of the blast casualty, in the first three sentences, it identifies air embolism.
    • Our injured veterans are being flown, which adversely affects air embolism.
  • Tom questions why aren’t we using it in the treatment of our troops?
    • He asks the question that he says everyone should be asking, “Are the veterans expendable?”
  • Tom ends his time here on HBOT News stressing that the UHMS needs to question why we’re not using hyperbarics for the treatment of blast-related brain injuries.

Read Pathology of blast-related brain injury