Longevity treatments have become a hot topic in recent years, with individuals seeking innovative solutions to enhance their healthspan. In our quest to explore the world of longevity treatments, we had the privilege of speaking with Shai Efrati MD, Chair of Aviv Clinics’ Medical Advisory Board and Founder and Director of the Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research. Dr. Efrati shed light on the remarkable benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for longevity and healthspan. In this blog post, we share the inspiring story of Patti Finnegan, an Aviv Clinics patient, whose life was transformed by HBOT.

Patti’s Struggle with Fibromyalgia:

Patti Finnegan, a senior living in The Villages, Florida, had been grappling with debilitating symptoms for years, even before her fibromyalgia diagnosis. Initially, her symptoms were attributed to stress or hormones, and her condition didn’t improve after diagnosis. Traditional medications offered little relief, leaving Patti searching for effective solutions. Her journey took a hopeful turn when she attended one of Dr. Efrati’s presentations, followed by a consultation at Aviv Clinics to explore the possibilities for her healthspan.

The Promise of HBOT:

Patti was pleasantly surprised to learn that HBOT could potentially address her fibromyalgia and other age-related ailments. Her fibromyalgia brought with it painful symptoms and brain fog, along with fatigue, lack of stamina, memory issues, balance problems, and coordination challenges. These hurdles prevented her from leading the active, healthy lifestyle she desired. Though she had heard of HBOT before, it was usually associated with wound healing and athletic injuries. Patti was initially apprehensive about the idea of being confined in a chamber but was reassured by Aviv’s approach, which made her sessions more like “dives” than medical treatments.

“I’m more energetic, I’m in better shape, my brain is sharper, I am able to exercise without debilitating aches, I have more stamina and my coordination, balance, and posture are all significantly improved.”

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – a patient's perspective

Patti experiences a ‘dive’ at Aviv Clinics – photo: LONGEVITY TECHNOLOGY

A Comfortable and High-Tech Environment:

At Aviv Clinics, Patti discovered that the HBOT chambers were spacious and comfortable, resembling first-class airplane seating. To enhance the experience, the medical team equipped the chambers with tablets loaded with customized “brain games” and cognitive training apps tailored to individual needs. Highly trained professionals were always present to ensure a safe and supportive atmosphere.

HBOT’s Versatility:

During her time at Aviv, Patti met people seeking HBOT for various conditions, including aging, PTSD, traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, and post-COVID symptoms. Aviv’s HBOT protocol, involving inhalation of 100% oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure, allows the body to receive 10-15 times more oxygen compared to normal breathing. This unique approach also includes fluctuating oxygen levels to induce the hyperoxic-hypoxic paradox, triggering several beneficial effects such as stem cell proliferation, increased vascular endothelial growth factor production, and neuroprotective processes. This protocol plays a pivotal role in the regeneration and maintenance of oxygen-dependent organs like the brain and heart.

A Life-Altering Routine:

Patti and her husband committed to daily HBOT sessions, lasting about two hours, five days a week, for 8-12 weeks. This routine became a cornerstone of their day, providing them with newfound energy and vitality. Patti viewed her participation in the Aviv program as an investment in a healthier version of herself. What set Aviv Clinics apart was their holistic approach, addressing not just her symptoms but her entire well-being. Patti received support from a psychologist, physical therapist, and nutritionist, all working in harmony to treat her as a whole person.

The Path to Whole-Person Longevity:

This whole-person approach has had a lasting impact on Patti. She experienced a profound shift in her mindset, embracing a health-conscious lifestyle that includes yoga, Zumba, and barre classes. Her dietary habits have also seen positive changes. Since completing the HBOT program at Aviv Clinics, Patti’s transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. She now enjoys increased energy, improved physical fitness, enhanced mental clarity, and a significant reduction in anxiety and depression.

A Passionate Advocate for HBOT:

Patti has become a passionate advocate for HBOT, sharing her story and encouraging others to explore the comprehensive health experience offered by Aviv Clinics. She firmly believes that investing in one’s health is invaluable and is grateful for the life-changing improvements she has experienced. Her message to all is clear: prioritize your health, and you’ll discover that it’s an investment well worth making.


Patti Finnegan’s journey with hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Aviv Clinics exemplifies the potential of innovative longevity treatments to transform lives. With a holistic approach, advanced technology, and a dedicated medical team, Aviv Clinics is paving the way for individuals like Patti to achieve better health and an enhanced healthspan. As we navigate the landscape of longevity treatments, stories like Patti’s remind us that there is hope for a healthier, more fulfilling future.