In this Research Rundown we discuss fasting more in depth, and reference reading material that has been put out by Human Health Services on the mobile app, LifeApp. This is a very informative read if you want to know more about what happens during a zero calorie fast, and the metabolic switch which occurs. Be sure to watch Episode 14, 15, and 16 too, as all of those Research Rundowns feature the topic of fasting.


  • What is fasting? Fasting is essentially taking on a diet that includes no calories. Someone who is doing a zero calorie fast would only consume fluid like water, tea, coffee, bone broth, diluted apple cider vinegar. Juices and anything that has added sugar is off limits.
    • Minerals and electrolytes should be added to water to avoid depletion.
  • At 72 hours you’ve completed the multiple phases that your body goes through during a water fast.
    • The benefits go far beyond these multiple phases — you’re going to lose weight, feel better & smile at the fact your grocery bill is going down!
  • di Girolamo recommends that everyone should try fasting as a total body reset. The result is mind clarity, anti-aging, anti-inflammation, and weight loss – to name just a few.
  • At HBOT News we’ve now completed a number of segments that talk about fasting, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), and even cancer. Remember that the research points to the combination of water fasting/heavy ketogenic diet and HBOT as a possible way to completely eliminate cancer from the body; maybe even cure cancer.
  • Extivita-RTP combines water fasting and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for the ultimate anti-inflammatory effect on your body.  They call this unique program the Longevity Challenge.
    • Our hope is that everyone has an opportunity to participate in such a wonderful program sometime.

Read the Fasting Literature & Studies